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Dr. GO

Dr: GO is a new modern jazz organ trio put together by three experienced and creative musicians living in Barcelona: Francisco Suárez from Chile, playing Hammond organ and main composer, Ignasi Cussó, from Barcelona, guitarist, and drummer from Canary Islands Ramón Díaz.

The trio presents an intense look at the world we live in, getting deeply into the sounds and cries that come from our time. Rooted in jazz and funk, their musical palette includes any genre that might be needed to encompass this wide vision. Bolero, hip-hop, groove and classic rock, any of them might find their way into their songs and improvisations.

Even though their sound is certainly influenced by the classic jazz & soul organ trios from the 60s, their music presents a very contemporary approach to the format, including a large  array of textures, rhythms and effects. Their repertoire is made of totally new and original music, most of it written by Francisco Suárez. These songs form the basis that inspire the exceeding improvisational skills the group demonstrates.

At this time, they found themselves inmerse in the promotion of their new CD entitled “Noctámbulos”, recorded and mixed in Barcelona in 2011.

Francisco Suárez

Ignasi Cussó

Ramón Díaz

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